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The HPE Community Solar Rider Program is a pilot program designed to extend the benefits of solar participation to customers who are unable to participate in net metering due to the up-front cost. During the two years, HPE will utilize generation from our Waterhouse Solar Project and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs,) generated from that project, to support the program, resulting in no cost to HPE customers at large. During the term of the program, each participant will receive a credit (reduction) of $0.02616 per kWh consumed during a billing month.

This is a two-year pilot program approved by the Public Utility Commission and limited to ten (10) lower income households who are Hyde Park Electric (HPE) customers. During the term of the program, each participant will receive a credit (reduction) of $0.02616 per kWh consumed during a billing month. Participation will require periodic communication with HPE and feedback on the program that we hope offers HPE and the PUC information to determine if and how tariffs and programs may be designed for the benefit of HPE and Vermont.


Self-Certification Applications are available at the above link, by email request to, by phone 888-2310, or in the Village of Hyde Park office. Please deliver the fully completed application to the Village of Hyde Park office in person, by mail to P.O. Box 400, Hyde Park, VT 05655. Applications will be date and time stamped on receipt. Qualified applications will be reviewed by the criteria listed below and open slots filled. Applicants will be notified once ten applications have been enrolled in the pilot program.


The PUC directed HPE to make every attempt to enroll a diverse set of customers. HPE determined that an optimum diverse set of ten customers would include at least one participant who is SSI disabled, retired, a single parent, a family household, a renter, a homeowner and a person or family living in a mobile home. Each application will be review and qualification determined. Qualified applications will be accepted on a first-come basis according to the diversity criteria described above.  Effective July 16, 2019, any diversity criteria category not filled by a qualified applicant will be filled on a first-come basis from remaining applicants.


If you have questions or need assistance in completing the application, please visit the Village office or call 888-2310.

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