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Our mission is to be Vermont's most resilient community by sustainability of our resources and utilities - electricity, drinking water & wastewater.

Always seeking to foster a resilient and forward-thinking community, the Village of Hyde Park was first in Vermont to use electricity for heating in 1899. Today, we continue to make wise investments in infrastructure to support our citizens.

Hyde Park Solar, Waterhouse Project

2016 Renewable Energy Vermont Champion Award

Promoting and Advancing Renewable Energy Within Their Community. 

Vermont Renewable Energy Standard Compliance

In 2019, Hyde Park Electric met its Tier I obligation with the retirement of 6,599 RECs, including 1,321 New York System Mix attributes from the Niagara project. For Tier II, HPE met its 2.2 % obligation with the retirement of 264 Tier II RECs. Additionally, HPE banked 3,066 Tier I RECs, including 1,971 Tier II RECs to be used for compliance in future periods. HPE met its 2.0% Tier III requirement with the retirement of 240 Tier II RECs. The Department recommends that the Commission find HPE to be in compliance with the RES for 2019. Docket No. 20-0644-INV Renewable Energy Standard 2019 Compliance DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE COMMENTS ON RENEWABLE ENERGY STANDARD ANNUAL COMPLIANCE REPORTS

Hyde Park Electric

  • From energizing street lights in 1895, Hyde Park Electric grew beyond the Village to extend electric service to North Hyde Park and a small part of Johnson.


  • In 2015, Hyde Park Electric purchased 3-phase distribution lines, equipment and a substation site from Green Mountain Power. The sale allowed GMP to abandon the substation and service to customers located far from its service territory. The purchase provided Hyde Park Electric additional 3-phase lines and customers within its service territory.


  • In 2016, Vermont's Renewable Energy Standard led to Hyde Park Solar, Waterhouse Project, which is 100% owned by the Village of Hyde Park to provide electricity to all Hyde Park Electric customers. 


Hyde Park Water District

  • In 2020-2021, new water mains replace those installed in 1910 and Village fire hydrants were replaced. This new infrastructure provides for adequate fire flow in order for Village hydrants to be used by the Hyde Park Fire Department. 


Hyde Park Wastewater District

  • In 2020, leach field #2 was replaced and field #2 improved. 



Article #13

Adopted unanimously at the May 2014 Village Annual Meeting.

"Shall a community resiliency program be created for the purpose of promoting locally generated electricity by the strategic installation of solar energy generation for use by Hyde Park Electric and promoting efficient electric technologies, which program shall be funded through a combination of grant awards, private investments, borrowing and Electric Department revenue."

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