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May 14, 1895 - Village of Hyde Park 

225-31. General powers

(a) The Village of Hyde Park shall have all the powers granted to villages by the Constitution and laws of this State, together with all the implied powers necessary to carry into execution all the powers granted; the Village may enact ordinances pursuant to 24 V.S.A. chapter 59 not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the State of Vermont or with this charter, and impose penalties for violation thereof.

The Village is governed by a Board of Trustees, who employ a General Manager responsible for management of all departments, as well as a Zoning Administrator directly responsible for Land Use and Development Regulations.

Board of Trustees

Our responsibilities are to serve local interests within the boundaries of our authority and provide the most affordable utility services consistent with safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Chair Frederika (Riki) French, term expires 2023

Clerk of the Board Peter Gallo, term expires 2023

Amy O'Toole, term expires 202

Adam Lory, term expires 2024

Sue Trainor, term expires 2025

Planning Commission

Chair Frederika (Riki) French

Peter Gallo

Dan Young

Ken McPherson

Adam Lory

Sue Trainor

Development Review Board

Chair Adam Lory

Paul Trudell

Ken McPherson

Tom Weeks

Amy O'Toole

Alternate Members:

Carroll Peters

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About 76% of the approximately 19,500 incorporated places had fewer than 5,000 people. Of those, almost 42% had fewer than 500 people.

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