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After Hours Outage Reporting



If you come across a downed line you should call Hyde Park Electric immediately at 802.888.2310. Never approach downed wires, or anything in contact with them, as the surrounding ground can become energized and pose a threat. Never attempt to move limbs or branches from any lines – leave this to the professionals! HPE is trained to manage these situations safely with specialized equipment.


Consider any and all lines you encounter as energized and dangerous. Always avoid contact with wires running overhead, including indirect contact through other items (i.e ladders, branches, etc). Hanging signs or posters on power poles is dangerous and illegal. These may leave nails/staples in the pole which can damage our linemen’s equipment and endanger their lives. Any signs found attached to HPE poles will be removed and discarded. 



From system maintenance to weather related events, power outages can occur from time to time. Hyde Park Electric recommends that you prepare for possible storms by having flashlights, batteries, candles, non-perishable foods, bottled water, medications and first aid supplies on hand.

If your power goes out with no apparent reason, the problem might be with your own equipment. Check your breakers and fuse to ensure that the issue is not localized before calling the Village office. Please be advised that Hyde Park Electric does charge customers for responding to power outages if the problem is found to be on their equipment. These costs are for two qualified linemen, plus their bucket truck…so this is expensive.



Vermont law requires that you contact Dig Safe at 1-888-DIG-SAFE (1-888-344-7233) at least 48 hours before digging to prevent personal injury, as well as damage to buried underground utility facilities. Reference V103 HYD PRK when speaking with a Dig Safe Rep.



Tampering with a water or electric meter is a crime and poses serious health and safety hazards. These risks extend beyond just the individual who modifies the meter, but to the community at large. Accurate metering of utilities allows HPE to efficiently measure and record customer usage which in turn allows for the effective management of the power and water supply systems. This management allows for fair and reasonable billing of customers.


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