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The Village Offices Are Moving!


The Village and Town of Hyde Park’s Municipal Building on Vermont Rte. 15 will be seeing some changes in the next few months.  Due to the expanding requirements for operations and activities, including needing space for personnel, the Village of Hyde Park offices will be departing the Municipal Building for a new location.  Over the last couple of years, requirements for spacing and operational requirements have tightened the ability of the personnel located at the building to conduct normal activities.  In the last several months, filing and storage and work office space has been very tight.  And with new personnel coming on board to meet the increasing management responsibilities, the Village and Town governing boards looked into options to make for a transition to meeting their needs.  The Village, in serving both local governance and utility services, has secured a lease at 167 Main Street, on the corners of Main and Church Street in the Village designated area.  This opens the space at the Municipal Building for the added needs of the Town.  

Brian Evans-Mongeon, General Manager for the Village, believes that this effort provides for an immediate improvement for both municipalities and gives the organization to meet its jurisdictional requirements for utility and Village operations.  He added, “This location is immediately next to the Village’s shop located on Church Street and will have our people closer together.  It also provides for Village residents to just walk down the street to address their utility and Village requirements.”


Brent Sheet, Town Administrator for the Town states, “Of course, this move will provide ample office space for our town staff.  It is essential that both the Village and Town have a sufficient workspace to accommodate their daily duties, ensuring that staff can work efficiently and effectively. Secondly, this relocation also presents growth opportunities for the village and contributes to the overall development of our community. I feel this will allow both parties to work together. This proximity will foster greater collaboration, communication, and understanding between the two administrations. By working side by side, we can exchange ideas, address common challenges, and forge stronger ties for the benefit of our town and the village of Hyde Park.”

Sheets shared, “I am confident that the relocation of the village office will bring numerous benefits and its residents. We look forward to positive outcomes and future partnerships for the betterment of Hyde Park as a whole.”


The new Village office will be located on the corners of Main and Church Street at the 3-way stop right in the middle of the Village.  The move is expected to take place in the month of May 2024. 

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