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Waterhouse House Solar Project


100% owned by the Village of Hyde Park to produce electricity for all Hyde Park Electric (“HPE”) ratepayers, via financing by U.S. Treasury, Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs”) at an interest rate less than one percent. The system is depreciated over a 35 year period. Local ownership eliminates third-party developers and allows ratepayers to capture benefits not available with outside ownership. Further, The Waterhouse Solar Project eliminates Alternative Compliance Payments that would be due if HPE did not comply with Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (“RES”). The system is on leased land located off Silver Ride Road, adjacent to House of Troy.

Although weather conditions affect results, Waterhouse Project is rated to produce 1 megawatt of instantaneous AC power – 13% or HPE annual requirements.

  • The system includes 4,338 solar modules with 28 inverters.

  • By a direct tie to HPE distribution grid, solar energy offsets purchased power, saving transmission and capacity costs, as well as reducing line loss.

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