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An Announcement from Board of Trustees Chair, Riki French

As many of you may know, Carol Robertson, the General Manager for the Village of Hyde Park had recently retired due to serious medical issues. We regret to inform you that she passed away on April 12th. Carol had been the Village General Manager since 2013. During that time, she accomplished many critical projects. The electric department has been significantly upgraded with solar energy, providing approximately 13% of our power. We have completed Phase I of our water and wastewater system upgrades. These infrastructure projects are integral to our continued sustainability and economic growth. Carol brought leadership, depth of knowledge, and critical skills to the utility and our community. We will miss her tremendously. 

Carol’s departure has left a void that we need to fill. The Board of Trustees view this as an opportunity to continue moving forward with “Our mission to be Vermont’s most resilient community by sustainability of our resources and utilities - electricity, drinking water and wastewater.” With this in mind we have engaged Brian Evans-Mongeon as our interim manager. Brian is a very accomplished leader in the utility field. He currently works for Energy New England (ENE). We contract with ENE to provide services we need to purchase power, file rate cases, and other regulatory issues. They have agreed to extend our contract to include this position during our transition. Brian has been in the utility business in Vermont for 35 years. We are thrilled that ENE and Brian will be assisting us as we continue to improve our department. For information, please see the link to ENE on the right. 

Thank you to all village staff for their dedication and hard work during this time. Thank you, the community, for your patience and support as we work to serve the customers of HPE and the village. 



RF Chair 

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