Municipal Utilities

Since 1895




The Village of Hyde Park is a non-profit municipal corporation. As a municipality, our job is to provide the most affordable utility services consistent with safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Rates and Tariffs

HPE provides electric services to about 1,400 customers in the Town of Hyde Park and Town of Johnson. HPE service territory is about 18 square miles, encompassing the Village, extending to North Hyde Park and the National Guard.


HPE is a member of ISO-New England.

Energy New England LLC (ENE) provides electric utility services. ENE is the largest wholesale risk management and energy trading organization serving the needs of municipal utilities in the northeastern U.S. ENE operates a Waterbury, Vermont wholly-owned subsidiary,


Utility Services Inc. (USI), a leading international services organization assisting energy companies with electric regulatory, reliability, and security standard obligations.

Meridian Cooperative provides utility software and billing services for all three utilities, Electric, Water and Wastewater. 

Vermont Electric Service Requirements Manual

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Regulatory Requirements 

- in addition to rates and tariffs


HYDE PARK WATER DISTRICT provides drinking water to Village residents as well as others outside Village boundaries on Centerville Road, North Hyde Park Road, Depot Street, Mill Street, Morey Road and Hwy 15 West.

Rates and Tariffs

October Bill Insert - Water Rate Increase


HYDE PARK WASTEWATER DISTRICT serves Village residents and

Mill Street properties that lie outside the Village.

Rates and Tariffs
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